May by the Bay Adult Retreat - May 2nd, 2023

Texas Baptist Encampment's

"May (Day) by the Bay"

Adult Retreat Day

May 2nd, 2023

Tuesday Only:  10:00am Arrival - Lunch - 3:00pm Departure


"May by the Bay" is now a one-day event with great Worship, Music, Fellowship, Food, Fun, & Friends at Texas Baptist Camp in Palacios. 

The event is designed so that area church groups can drive to Palacios and return home all in the same day - no overnight stay necessary. 

All-inclusive cost is $20 per person.  TBE will be communicating with area churches in scheduling so please let your pastor know that you would like to attend this event.

Individual hotel room & RV Park overnight stays are still welcome, at an additional cost, and can be arranged by calling the TBE office at 361-972-2717.


Texas Baptist Encampment's ... "May by the Bay" ... Palacios, Texas