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NOVEMBER 29th, 2022

In recent days, we have seen extraordinary times in this nation and, especially, at Texas Baptist Encampment.  As a result ...

We need your help!  It is a pivotal time in TBE's 120-year history.  God is still sovereign and will sustain this place for His glory!

The 2020 pandemic brought with it a very difficult financial year in TBE history as 80% of usual annual income was lost, along with 95% of summer income.  TBE endured a forced closure for three months, then opened for the summer to host a small handful of children and youth groups - only 256 summer campers out of a usual 4,000 - but those young people still heard about God's love and the Gospel message.  Savings were fully exhausted and emergency grants utilized.  From March through the end of the year, only a small handful of churches came to Palacios as the campus was empty during most weeks & weekends, all the way through to the 2021 spring - a full year later.

In 2021, area churches and foundations were asked to help prop up camp finances and a few came through.  Praise God!  We are so thankful for their help!  2021 & 2022 attendance was much better but still not back to previous levels needed for operational income.  Thankfully, though, next year's 2023 summer camps are fully booked, a good sign that yearly income will be back to normal.  In the meantime, funds are almost depleted again with the lean income of not-well-attended winter months ahead.  This is why we need your immediate help.

Three Ways to Help:

1. PRAY for the Camp - That God would sustain and steady TBE's ability to do ministry.  Pray that the camp director, support staff, and board of trustees would seek the Lord and have the strength and wisdom for the coming days.

2. COME to the Camp - Bring your church group for a weekend retreat or summer camp.  There are many programmed summer camps for your group to plug into.  And the weekend weather is beautiful year-round in Palacios.

3. GIVE to the Camp - As you are called and are able, give a one-time financial gift - GIVING TUESDAY! - NOVEMBER 29th - or set up regular gifts.  Consider donating on a monthly or yearly basis, or ask about what needs there are that might need funding.  Also please ask your church to make TBE a part of its regular budget giving. 

Texas Baptist Encampment is a facility that exists for the purpose of providing a place where churches, associations, and organizations can empower kingdom agencies by promoting and facilitating missions, education, evangelism, and discipleship in the name of Jesus Christ. The goal of the Camp is to provide an environment in its facilities and activities that encourages spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development.

Thank you for taking the time to consider furthering God's work at Texas Baptist Encampment through a donation.

Please pray for your donation to reach people's hearts for Christ and change kids' lives in whatever way God wills.


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